A Bizarre Way an Identity Thief can get Your Information

A Bizarre Way an Identity Thief can get Your Information

Identity thieves can get your personal and financial information in a variety of ways, some simple and some very sophisticated.  This is why you need to be on your toes when it comes to protecting your information at all times.  There is one particularly bizarre way that identity thieves will try to obtain personal and financial information. That bizarre way is to steal personal information from the dead.

Yes, the dead.  This does not mean that they go to the cemetery and take names off the headstones. Instead, identity thieves will scour newspapers to see who has died and makes a list of these individuals and their addresses.  They then go over to their homes and grab any mail that is still in the mail box, or go rifling through the garbage.  They are looking for any type of credit card receipts, utility bills, credit card statements, etc.

Many times the relatives of the one who just died is still traumatized by the death and does not think about stopping the mail, picking it up, or even contacting the credit card companies and asking them to stop sending out the statement or closing the accounts because of death.

Another way identity thieves can exploit a deceased person is to look for homes that are being put on the market because the person died and the relatives need to sell the house.  Again, they are still getting over the death and do not think about any mail, bills, invoices, etc. lying around the house that would be ideal for an identity thief to use.

The identity thief makes an appointment to look at the house and while they are walking through the home, they are actually looking for anything  they can be used to steal that person’s identity.

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