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Retail Breaches Lead to Possible Data Security Improvements

According to USA Today, retailers are making an effort to markedly improve data security measures as a result of the major Target data breach and other recent retail data breaches. The Target data breach, which resulted in the theft of personal information and payment card data for up to 110 million Target customers, was publicly […]


An Untraditional Valentine’s Day Gift

Okay, so maybe identity theft protection isn’t the most traditional or romantic Valentine’s Day gift out there. It may not be quite as sweet as flowers or chocolate, but it sure is a whole lot more practical. While flowers and chocolate die and disappear within a couple of days, membership to an identity theft protection service […]


One-Ring Phone Call Scam

Maybe you have heard of the recently widespread one-ring phone call scam that has been receiving news attention lately. Perhaps you have even been a victim of the call scam, which has affected individuals all across the country. Unlike traditional vishing phone call scams that aim to acquire individuals’ personal information so that identity thieves […]


How to Protect Yourself from a Retail Data Breach

On Saturday, the arts-and-crafts store, Michael’s, announced that it may have been targeted by a data breach. While the company says it cannot yet confirm whether or not a data breach definitely occurred, it is investigating the matter to determine what happened. If Michael’s confirms that it was targeted by a data attack, this will […]


Why You Should File Your Taxes Early

It’s January and even though you may still be in a stupor from all the Christmas cookies you ate, it’s time to start looking ahead to filing your taxes. Although you have until April to complete the dreaded task, it’s a good idea to finish filing your taxes sooner rather than later. According to experts, […]


How to Spot a Job Scam

January is a time when many people are searching for new employment. And while there is surely a whole lot on your mind when searching for a new job (am I qualified? who will be my reference? is my resume properly formatted?), there may be one important concern that hasn’t yet crossed your mind. Unfortunately, […]


Understanding the Target Data Breach

If you have been paying attention to the news over the past couple of days, you have surely heard about the Target data breach. On Thursday, Target acknowledged that the information connected to about 40 million credit and debit card accounts was stolen in a monumental data breach. According to Target’s reports, anyone who made […]


Protecting Santa’s Identity

The truth about identity theft is that it can happen to anyone, even Santa. Unfortunately, the holiday season is an especially risky time for Santa and identity theft seems to follow him wherever he goes. Just look around and you’ll find people posing as Santa everywhere, from shopping malls to street corners to office parties. […]


The Holidays and Identity Theft

With decorating to do, treats to bake, trips to plan and presents to buy, chances are that you are very busy this holiday season. Unfortunately, identity thieves are busy as well. While the average American rushes around to take advantage of holiday deals and purchase gifts for friends and family members, identity thieves are plotting […]


The Affordable Care Act and Vishing

Vishing is a type of identity theft that occurs when a person calls a victim on the phone and requests personal information. Unfortunately, it is difficult for victims to detect that they are being targeted because the identity thief will often pose as a representative calling from a legitimate company or organization. The recent rollout […]


The Affordable Care Act and Cyber Security

With the debut of the Affordable Care Act and the recent rollout of the health insurance online marketplace, identity thieves have been granted a new opportunity to target the personal information of unsuspecting victims. According to an article in the Washington Examiner, more than 700 fraudulent websites have already been created with domain names that […]


Smart Phones and Identity Theft

Smartphones make a lot of things easier, from sending a quick email, to looking up tomorrow’s weather, to locating the nearest Starbucks. Unfortunately, smartphones can also make things easier for identity thieves – the criminals who seek to access your personal information and use it against you. Your smartphone is, after all, a key part […]


Commercial Identity Theft: How to Prevent It

This is one of the fastest growing identity theft crimes in the United States and the internet makes it easier to commit this type of identity theft.  Although it is not totally possible to prevent commercial identity theft, there are steps you can take to make your company less vulnerable.  There are different measures that […]


How to Avoid Identity Theft Where you Work

No one likes to think that they are working with a thief, much less one who may steal their personal and/or financial information and then uses it to wreak havoc in their lives.  Identity theft is a criminal offense and, on average, it can take almost two hundred hours to get straightened out.  But there […]


Identity Theft and Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud can occur in a variety of ways and it is a common scheme in the United States. Identity thieves can commit mortgage fraud by applying for a equity home loan with your financial and personal information. If an identity thief knows your date of birth, your home address, and SSN, this type of […]


Traffic Light Camera Scam

Traffic light cameras can be annoying, but did you know that they could also compromise your identity?  Scammers/identity thieves have found ways to take advantage of traffic cameras. This is a very simple scam. An identity thief will just pick a phone number from the phone book and whoever answers the phone is told that […]


A Bizarre Way an Identity Thief can get Your Information

Identity thieves can get your personal and financial information in a variety of ways, some simple and some very sophisticated.  This is why you need to be on your toes when it comes to protecting your information at all times.  There is one particularly bizarre way that identity thieves will try to obtain personal and […]


Computerized Medical Records can Have Safety Risks

In today’s modern age, technology is rapidly growing throughout every industry.  With the ongoing transition from paper to electronic medical records, doctors’ offices may be overlooking potential risks to patient’s safety.  Though the benefits are numerous, the risks must not be ignored. Using computerized medical records can improve a patient’s safety in many different ways.  […]


Important Papers That you Should Shred

While dumpster diving may seem outdated, it is still frequently used by identity thieves to acquire a victim’s personal information. A paper shredder is not terribly expensive and is a worthwhile investment for any home or business.  Here is a list of papers that should be shredded, instead of merely tossed out in the trash. […]


Smartphone Use Tied to Rise in Identity Fraud

In 2011, there were approximately twelve million people in the United States that were victims of identity theft/fraud, which is an increase of thirteen percent from 2010.  The increase in identity fraud has been partially fueled by incautious consumers using social media and smartphones. In addition, there were several large data breaches in 2011. Because […]