Identity Theft Resources

Despite the increasing prevalence of identity theft, it brings some comfort knowing that information about identity theft is easily accessible, and that help is readily available if ever you fall victim to this crime. Here are a number of identity theft resources you can refer to, depending on your needs.

  1. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) This is the first identity theft resource that everyone should know about. The FTC is one of the government departments you will need to contact in case of identity theft. The site features government reports and Congressional testimony, law enforcement updates, consumer alerts and links to other sites
    with helpful information.

  2. The Department of Justice (DOJ) Department of Justice This site features pages on what identify theft is, how to prevent it and what to do if you are a victim.
  3. National Fraud Information Center They help by providing advice over the phone or through email solicitations and report possible telemarketing or Internet fraud to law enforcement agencies. toll-free hotline – (800) 876-7060.
  4. The Presidents Identity Theft Task Force On May 10, 2006 The President’s Task Force on Identity Theft was established by Executive Order 13402. This Task Force is chaired by the Attorney General and co-chaired by the Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal government’s goal is to create awareness, prevention, detection and prosecution in the areas of identity theft.
  5. Better Business Bureau Better Business Bureau You can find more information about identity theft and prevention methods or sign-up to receive their latest BBB Online newsletter to learn the latest about identity theft.
  6. Social Security Online Updated information on the issues of identity theft and misuse of Social Security Numbers. It has links to the FTC, SSA and to The Office of the Inspector General.